6 Month Marketing Campaign on Auto-Pilot!

Mailed Every 30 Days

When marketing to a prospect it is extremely important not to send the same mail piece month after month. Doing so tends to degrade your list and its performance. Which is why we love what we call "Cluster Marketing". 

Call us at (661) 338-6005 and we will share the strategy behind this very successful marketing approach.

Month 1 - Yellow Letter - As low as 63¢

The Yellow Letter is a work horse. It is going to produce the most amount of call volume, which is why we use it as the first mail piece. We send it using a standard stamp which travels slower then first class. This gives you the time to get ready for the callers. If you need an inbound call script let us know as we would be happy to supply it to you. 

When the calls begin coming in we have experienced three types of callers. 

- An angry caller who wants to be taken off your list. Doing so is a personal choice of yours.

- The caller is curious as to why you think their home is for sale.

- They want to sell... 

Month 2 - Pix List (Street View) - As low as 42¢

Pix List Postcards drive great calls. They capture the attention of the home owner instantly and are especially useful for absentee owners. We have extensively tested the call volume and the Pix List will perform very well. 

Month 3 - Pastel Letter - As low as 61¢

The beauty of the pastel letter is its uniqueness. The logic of sending various types of mail pieces is that not everyone likes the same thing. And the Pastel Letter clicks with the creative mentality. We have to recognize that our job, as marketers, is to have prospects call us to utilize the service we provide. This mail piece opens the door to this group of sellers.

Month 4 - Large Text Postcard - As low as 43½¢

Anytime you can stand out in a crowd you win. And the Large Text Postcard does just that. It is larger then most mail pieces, thus it isn't covered up in the stack of mail.  There is plenty of room to express our message which is great for the seller who needs and is searching for information and it also is large enough to present our presentation. Calls from a test postcard are outstanding typically you don't receive the angry callers or wonderers. Those that do call are ready to pull the perverbial trigger. 

Month 5 - Small Full Color Postcard - As low as 42¢

Small Full Color Postcards are great at brand awareness and quick messaging which is why they're number 5 on our list. By this time you have touched your prospect 4 times so you don't need a long drawn out message... Keep it simple and sweet.

Month 6 - Pix List (Street View) Letter - As low as 55¢

The Pix List Letter is a home run mail piece. It is envelope free, as we fold and tab the letter. Keeping it at a very compelling price point. The message is in the photo of the house and like the Pix List Postcard this is a great presentation which is why it is the clean up batter so to speak. 

* Average of 47¢ per piece for 10,000 or more.