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List Non Disclosure

YellowLetters uses the following to define the ownership of a list we receive from a List Owner.

During the calendar year, YellowLetters will receive names from the List Owner and agrees that these names are the exclusive property of the List Owner.

Because the list is valuable property and is of a highly confidential nature, YellowLetters agrees not to disclose, transfer, duplicate, reproduce, or retain in any form or manner whatsoever all of any portion of the said mailing list(s).

  • Exception;
    • Except for fulfilling the work required for the List Owner.

YellowLetters in no way acquires ownership or rights to further usage of the names.

YellowLetters agrees that the above stated conditions are in effect for the full calendar year and that these conditions apply to every order received within that calendar year.

Since it is impossible to control, YellowLetters shall not be held responsible for mailing a list(s) from two or more List Owners which contain(s) some or all, of the same list information. YellowLetters does not cross check a list(s) for duplication of list information between List Owners.

Furthermore, YellowLetters will not disclose to a List Owner of the possibility of a duplicate list by a different List Owner.

We believe the ownership of a list is extremely important and want all of our customers to know that their lists are held in the utmost confidence.

Thank you

Download our List Ownership Agreement