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Yellow Letters Explained

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Yellow Letters are an outstanding method for creating call volume and lead generation. A direct mail work horse!

A Yellow Letter is a promotional piece that looks, feels and reads as though it were sent by a friend. This is the “trick” part of getting the recipient to open the letter and read your message, a must when marketing.

It is a handwritten letter in an invitation envelope. It is very NON-professional looking, something that looks like your Aunt Margaret would mail to another family member.

The Yellow Letter grabs the reader’s attention quickly so that even when they find out you’re not their long-lost cousin from Albuquerque, they will continue to read the rest of the message.

A very important point that must not be overlooked or altered is the fact that everything, from the envelope to the letter itself, must look HANDWRITTEN! We have 12 excellent fonts, however you can also send us one of your own to use.

Here is one that tends to be chosen most.   Font Library

We have found over the decades of sending them out for ourselves and thousands of customers that the envelope is just as important as the message. We use three sizes. One is a 6”x9½” white invitation envelope, much like the envelope that a birthday card comes in. The other is an A6 4¾”x6½” and comes in white, beige, light blue, light green, and light pink and the last is a #10 style.

Lets speak to the stamp

It must be a real stamp on the envelope, not something from a business stamping machine or an indicia. The idea is to be as nonprofessional as possible, as if it were a sociable letter to a friend.

There are two types of stamps. One is the First-Class Stamp, much like the one you would use to mail any general mail. The second is a Standard Stamp, also know as a Marketing Mail Stamp.

First class Stamps take 1-5 days for the Post Office to deliver to the mailbox. It is also forwarded to recipient, if there has been a recent change of address. Also, a huge factor is that any undeliverable mail will be returned to you.

Standard Stamps take 3 to 30 days for the Post Office to deliver to mailbox. Also, unlike First-Class Stamps Standard Stamps don’t return undelivered mail.

The Addressee’s Address

The envelope is addressed by hand or using a handwritten font to the addressee. We have several VERY good handwritten fonts to choose from. However, when needed we have a team of human addressors.

Always address the mail piece to a specific person; not to a “Mr. And Mrs.” or “The Spears Family” or “Current Resident”. It is addressed to a single, specific name.

The reason for this is because it looks more personal. It will be opened because of this by either the addressee or someone who is close to the addressee.

The Return Address I highly suggest that you do not include a name above the return address, just the address. You do not want to include your name there, as giving that to the addressee will most likely give away the fact that you are not someone they know (like Aunt Margaret). Therefore, your mail will not be opened.

The return address can be placed on the top left corner or on the back flap. Furthermore, when using First-Class Stamps, a return address is not required.

Another thing is that the return address is not a P.O. Box. It is a physical address. P.O. Box equates to business mail.

The Message

Keep in mind that the font size with Yellow Letters is a lot greater than a typed letter so a small typed letter tends to be a very long Yellow Letter.

I like a simple message, short and to the point. Another thing to consider is the use of trigger words. A trigger word is a word that help you grab and keep attention because they strike a nerve with the person you want to reach with your copy. In real estate investing, common trigger words are Cash, Close on the day of your choice, No cost, etc. Where in the real estate brokerage, words like Hot Market, Top Dollar and Smooth Transaction work well.

Final Thoughts

Mailing Yellow Letters to prospects is only one of the many ways to promote (make yourself known), but it is likely the most effective there is and it is certainly cost effective.

There’s no reason why you cannot become very successful by using this one aspect of promotions. But realize this, the more people know about you and your services, the more successful you will be. So my advice to you is this, perfect this direct mail technique and then move on to include another means of promoting, never stopping your direct mail activities. And then, as you begin to make more and more money, and your promotions budget grows, continue to add on more ways to make yourself known.